Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Perfect Summer Jeans

Jacket & Necklace: Anthro, Shirt: Bossini,
Jeans, Shades & Bag: Madewell, Shoes: Superga

This was me yesterday, looking vaguely like a human being. Today was spent working like a dog (deadline tomorrow afternoon!) and looking a whole lot less put-together. Anyway, I really liked this outfit because it brings together my three main things that I invested in this spring - and secretly dreamed of wearing together just like this. Minus the top, the top is interchangeable. I love it though - as you have probably guessed, I have a weakness for clothes with popsicles printed on them, and this shirt has the added bonus of being a souvenir from Hong Kong!

So yeah, after what, a year of obsessing over them, I finally went for it and got myself a pair of Perfect Summer jeans from Madewell! They are 100% denim, so they don't really stretch - basically it's like someone built a time portal to the 90's and is bringing these through, one pair at a time. (That'd explain the price tag, cough cough.) As a replacement for the boyfriend jeans that died last year sometime, they are pretty much perfect. They're big on me, but I like that, and I love that pale blue colour. I've worn them a lot since getting them, but this is their first time on the blog - but definitely not their last!


  1. Yup! Those jeans are perfect. I love Madewell jeans and find that they are worth the expense. Cute jacket too! Love the pale pink.

    1. You know what, it's the same jacket I've been wearing all spring - you know the one where we agreed the expense was justified as a cost-per-wear thing? Well, seems that was actually right in this case, haha. Spending more on things that I will wear a lot seems to be a new trend with me... (#pinkjumpsuitshhh!) ;)

    2. Oh my gosh you better wear that pink jumpsuit everyday! lololol

    3. Oh holy crap, you are right! It's gonna get so smelly! Hehehe.