Monday, 26 June 2017

Ten Years

*All the pictures in this post were taken by the amazing Liz from With Wonder And Whimsy!*

Ten years ago this June, Victor and I said our wedding vows in front of our friends and family in the historical open-air museum called Gamle Bergen. People had flown in from as far as, well let me see... Australia, Canada, Germany, Austria, London and Denmark... One dude even flew in from Oslo! And as all Norwegians know, people from Oslo like to say that going to Bergen is like going abroad ("It's nice to get out of Norway for a while!") so I appreciated the sacrifice. 

The wedding photographer took a picture of us sitting on that bench up above, me with my bare feet resting in Victor's lap because husband = warm human furniture, and my massive block heels were just killing me at that point. When we returned there with Liz and her husband Kyle this May, we wound up reenacting that photo. And I kind of love it!

We also found an adult-sized swing and proceeded to have stupid amounts of fun. 

Some of the screams were fun screams, and some were genuine screams. 

That little yellow cabin in the background, by the way? That was Edvard Grieg's composer hut. If you peep through the windows, you can see a piano and a desk in there. This isn't its original location - the whole thing was moved to Gamle Bergen, though I can't quite remember from where. Trollhaugen, possibly, which was where he lived, and where you can still go see his house.  

There were lots of period children's games you could try your hand at - including stilts. Victor was not amazing at stiltwalking, though it did give us a picture where he looks taller than me, so there is that! Of course, I can also do my "I'm-a-shrinking-violet, honest" pose, like in the picture down below:

It's been ten years, and I still sometimes feel like an amazon next to my dainty little husband (oh, he'd kill me for writing that if he actually read my blog)! This is solved by leaning in at a 45 degree angle, thereby negating the two-inch height difference! ...or not. I mean, who am I kidding? Who am I even trying to kid? But hey. It's been ten awesome years. 

Monday, 19 June 2017

See My Ruffle?

Blazer , top+ necklace: Anthro, Skirt+boots: Madewell, Tights: American Apparel

I feel like I need to rename my blog again, for obvious reasons. I mean, my style's not exactly preppy anymore, is it? And judging from these photos, a good candidate for a name would be Sheep and Stripes. At some point I may also have worn Clocks and Owls, but don't quote me on that...

So anyway, if we're friends on Insta (and if we're not, well, there's a lot more going on over there than over here at the moment, heh), you'll know that we went to Romania this past weekend! It was a totally spur of the moment thing, Victor found cheap tickets and booked them on his phone while we were in a cafe. That was two weeks ago! I was a little worried about going over there because of how Romania has a certain... reputation, but it turned out to be totally fine! 

So yeah, that's why I'm blogging an old outfit right now - one I had on standby, as it were! Although we did take at least one good set of outfit photos while we were over there, on my phone because we couldn't bring the camera! Seriously, the luggage restrictions were such that we ended up bringing one little backpack each. It was just for a weekend, so it was fine, but even if we had found any souvenirs we liked, we couldn't have bought them! No space! 

But anyway, I am itching to rename this blog again, because apparently this is what I do every once in a while... So if you have any suggestions, I'd welcome any and all of them! I might even try to do a little redesign, if I can get my friend who did the first one to either help me or show me how!  

Oh, and see my ruffle up there? I was trying to drape it over the collar of my cardigan to show it off, in all its asymmetrical glory. In case you actually can't see it at all, it's on the right-hand side. My right, your left. Right? You're welcome. 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Day Tripping

Jacket: Anthro, Tee: Madewell X Deerdana, Skirt: Lindex, Sneaks: Superga,
Backpack: Madewell, Bandana: Vintage 

So when I said my style was heading in a new direction... I guess this outfit is another example of that. For the longest time, I used to think denim and a white tee was boring - but actually, it feels really fresh and crisp. Especially when the tee isn't completely white, hehe. This little baguette-face was 100% out of my league when Madewell released this shirt as part of one of their collaborations. But, I found this sample on ebay, super cheap due to a tiny hole down the front that I've decided not to stitch up. You can barely see it, and trying to fix it might just mess the shirt up more. 

I wore this on a public holiday a couple weeks ago, when we'd hustled up a bunch of our friends to go on a little adventure. See, there's this little town I discovered kind of by accident some years ago: Henley-on-Thames. I was supposed to go there for a hike with some people, and the hike got cancelled without my hearing about it. So I rode two trains out there by myself, and wound up exploring on my own. And I didn't mind it one bit, because I knew right then I'd stumbled upon something special. This was my third time going there, and Victor's second - yup, I'm the one who introduced him to the place!

Henley is super quaint, full of antique shops and cute little stores. And you can rent a boat there, by the hour, and go off exploring up the river! Which is what you will inevitably do, if you have a Victor in your party. (Here I go, talking like we're all in a video game.) It was the most pleasant thing - the day was warm, but overcast, and we had a light rain that somehow just ended up being refreshing. That hour was over way too fast. We went for Thai food afterwards, at a fraction of the cost of eating out in London! I mean, it was already delicious, but that helped! 
So yeah, it was a hugely successful day trip - full hearts and bellies all around. 

Sunday, 11 June 2017

How to Get Ahead in Life

Deep breath: Jacket, top, jeans, shades, scarf + bag: all Madewell, Shoes: Superga

The day before taking these pictures, I remember I was so ill with Death Flu that Victor boiled an entire chicken to make me soup. This is one of those Chinese things, but this one really works! Other Chinese home remedies include boiling an egg and a silver ring, putting both in a cloth and then rubbing them against a bruise. While you scream, presumably. My husband had this done to him as a child, and he's very definite about one thing: it did nothing for the bruise!

Isn't it funny how these shoes look brown now - like they match my bag? Like, whoa.

When you find a wall covered in cosmic green heads (whoa, band name alert!), you can't not take pictures in front of it, right? Thanks to the Chinese chicken soup I was feeling like I'd just got a new lease on life, the sun was shining and we were headed to Magma to buy fancy magazines. I felt invincible! The green heads are all gone now, sadly, covered up with a completely different graffiti mural. So I'm glad we took these pictures when we did! RIP Cosmic Green Heads, you will live on forever in my heart.  

Friday, 9 June 2017

Birds And A Bunny. And Also, Teaspoons.

Dress + necklace: Anthro, Cardigan: Old Navy, Sandals: Birkenstock

I'll never forget the day I bought this dress - it was the stupidest thing. I left the house in 
these pants, even though it was July, because I thought it was cold. Ahem, well, newsflash? It wasn't, and I nearly died of heatstroke. This was on the way to meeting up with my friend - on her birthday - in Central London, and I suddenly realised the following: a) if I don't buy something lighter to wear right now, I will actually die, and b) that red dress I liked at Anthro just went on sale, didn't it...  

So I ran in there, bought the dress, and wore it out, possibly with the tags still attached in the back. Made it to where I was supposed to be right on time, and greeted my friend with the following words: Happy birthday! I spent way more on this dress than I did on your present! HAHAHAHA!!!

So anyway, this bag? HOW CUTE IS THIS BAG, right?! They were selling them at this hipster cafe Victor took me to - this bunny happens to be their logo. As soon as I saw the bags hanging on a banister I ran over, oohing and aahing over them. And Victor said, "Uh, I bet you're going to buy one of them now," in his usual sarcastic fashion. So obviously I did, because "in-your-face-husband", and also because bunny bag. It was only a tenner. And bunnies are my spirit animals. 

Also, this hipster cafe? It had spoons mounted on boards on the walls, the way creepy people mount butterflies, you know? And each spoon had a label attached. When I looked closer, the labels all said where the spoon had been stolen from! And there was one from the London Science Museum that looked exactly like one of our spoons at home... which I accidentally stole years ago from the V&A Museum, when I used to know someone who worked there. So maybe the London museums all have the same cutlery...? Anyway, I thought it was funny, and no, I'm not planning to go to the V&A cafe so I can discreetly return the spoon. That thing's mine now. 

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A new spin on an old trick

Top: Madewell, Skirt: Anthro, Sandals: Birkenstock, Necklace: Self-made

It's been quite a week here in London. I don't really want to talk about it. Not just because it's sad and scary, but also because we weren't directly affected by it, nor was anyone we know. So that would just feel disrespectful, somehow. There was a one-minute silence today, and I observed it. Maybe someone will think blogging about clothes is frivolous and disrespectful, too, but that's how I choose blow off steam.  

 Anyway. This is basically a new spin on an old favourite, stripes and florals. There was also a lilac cardigan, to go with the necklace, but it was just too warm for that when these pictures were taken. If you're into Anthro, you may realise that my skirt is very, very old! Yet, it's new to me - I randomly came across the name of the skirt, searched for it on ebay, and someone had one in my size that they were selling. I remember holding this skirt in the sale room years ago - in 2010, probably! - and then putting it back without even trying it on. And regretting it ever since... but now, finally, it's mine! 

It's funny, Liz from With Wonder And Whimsy and I recently had this conversation where she asked me if, when I shop, I always look for specific items. And yeah, I think she basically hit it right on the nose. I seem to be really into the whole "treasure-hunt" aspect of shopping, and it's rare that I just go shopping to see if I can find something I like. I mean, let's be real, I have enough stuff. So I have to be picky, and the stuff has to be special. And it has to fit into what my current closet and colour scheme is, and man, does it ever. This skirt is here to stay - and you know what? Now that I'm no longer looking for it, I've completely forgotten what the skirt was called!