Friday, 9 June 2017

Birds And A Bunny. And Also, Teaspoons.

Dress + necklace: Anthro, Cardigan: Old Navy, Sandals: Birkenstock

I'll never forget the day I bought this dress - it was the stupidest thing. I left the house in 
these pants, even though it was July, because I thought it was cold. Ahem, well, newsflash? It wasn't, and I nearly died of heatstroke. This was on the way to meeting up with my friend - on her birthday - in Central London, and I suddenly realised the following: a) if I don't buy something lighter to wear right now, I will actually die, and b) that red dress I liked at Anthro just went on sale, didn't it...  

So I ran in there, bought the dress, and wore it out, possibly with the tags still attached in the back. Made it to where I was supposed to be right on time, and greeted my friend with the following words: Happy birthday! I spent way more on this dress than I did on your present! HAHAHAHA!!!

So anyway, this bag? HOW CUTE IS THIS BAG, right?! They were selling them at this hipster cafe Victor took me to - this bunny happens to be their logo. As soon as I saw the bags hanging on a banister I ran over, oohing and aahing over them. And Victor said, "Uh, I bet you're going to buy one of them now," in his usual sarcastic fashion. So obviously I did, because "in-your-face-husband", and also because bunny bag. It was only a tenner. And bunnies are my spirit animals. 

Also, this hipster cafe? It had spoons mounted on boards on the walls, the way creepy people mount butterflies, you know? And each spoon had a label attached. When I looked closer, the labels all said where the spoon had been stolen from! And there was one from the London Science Museum that looked exactly like one of our spoons at home... which I accidentally stole years ago from the V&A Museum, when I used to know someone who worked there. So maybe the London museums all have the same cutlery...? Anyway, I thought it was funny, and no, I'm not planning to go to the V&A cafe so I can discreetly return the spoon. That thing's mine now. 


  1. Bunny!!! Hey - maybe you can incorporate "bunny" into your new blog name? Love the story about how you bought the dress. I did something similar last year in New Orleans when it was supposed to be cold but was 85 and humid and I thought I was going to die. Except it was a skirt and sandals at H&M instead of a pretty dress form Anthro!

    1. Hey, I'm glad I'm not alone in this emergency shopper thing! If I had to repeat the experience, it'd probably be H&M for me too. Took my mum into Anthro yesterday to check out the sale - she wants my bomber jacket in green - and the look on her face as she thumbed through the clothes just kind of said it all. The only thing we left with was a stationery set! ..."Bunnies and Bunions?" I mean, I think I have one on my right foot, so...