Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Day Tripping

Jacket: Anthro, Tee: Madewell X Deerdana, Skirt: Lindex, Sneaks: Superga,
Backpack: Madewell, Bandana: Vintage 

So when I said my style was heading in a new direction... I guess this outfit is another example of that. For the longest time, I used to think denim and a white tee was boring - but actually, it feels really fresh and crisp. Especially when the tee isn't completely white, hehe. This little baguette-face was 100% out of my league when Madewell released this shirt as part of one of their collaborations. But, I found this sample on ebay, super cheap due to a tiny hole down the front that I've decided not to stitch up. You can barely see it, and trying to fix it might just mess the shirt up more. 

I wore this on a public holiday a couple weeks ago, when we'd hustled up a bunch of our friends to go on a little adventure. See, there's this little town I discovered kind of by accident some years ago: Henley-on-Thames. I was supposed to go there for a hike with some people, and the hike got cancelled without my hearing about it. So I rode two trains out there by myself, and wound up exploring on my own. And I didn't mind it one bit, because I knew right then I'd stumbled upon something special. This was my third time going there, and Victor's second - yup, I'm the one who introduced him to the place!

Henley is super quaint, full of antique shops and cute little stores. And you can rent a boat there, by the hour, and go off exploring up the river! Which is what you will inevitably do, if you have a Victor in your party. (Here I go, talking like we're all in a video game.) It was the most pleasant thing - the day was warm, but overcast, and we had a light rain that somehow just ended up being refreshing. That hour was over way too fast. We went for Thai food afterwards, at a fraction of the cost of eating out in London! I mean, it was already delicious, but that helped! 
So yeah, it was a hugely successful day trip - full hearts and bellies all around. 


  1. Oh my gosh you are blogging up a storm lately! I will check back in when I have some more time to comment! Love this outfit. Isn't it so interesting how our style evolves as we get older?! I really like this outfit - it is still so you even if it is a little different! xo

    1. Cynthia! That was a very reassuring thing to read! How it's still a very "me" outfit, I mean. Lately it's almost like I've had to pare down and tuck away lots of stuff so I could figure my style out from fresh again... and gradually pull some of the more "outre" pieces back out of storage! It really is interesting how our preferences shift... partially I think living in London is finally starting to rub off on my style, as I suddenly find some colours just too loud. But yeah I am all about sneaking in those cheeky little details that keep me from getting bored, I guess! xxx