Sunday, 11 June 2017

How to Get Ahead in Life

Deep breath: Jacket, top, jeans, shades, scarf + bag: all Madewell, Shoes: Superga

The day before taking these pictures, I remember I was so ill with Death Flu that Victor boiled an entire chicken to make me soup. This is one of those Chinese things, but this one really works! Other Chinese home remedies include boiling an egg and a silver ring, putting both in a cloth and then rubbing them against a bruise. While you scream, presumably. My husband had this done to him as a child, and he's very definite about one thing: it did nothing for the bruise!

Isn't it funny how these shoes look brown now - like they match my bag? Like, whoa.

When you find a wall covered in cosmic green heads (whoa, band name alert!), you can't not take pictures in front of it, right? Thanks to the Chinese chicken soup I was feeling like I'd just got a new lease on life, the sun was shining and we were headed to Magma to buy fancy magazines. I felt invincible! The green heads are all gone now, sadly, covered up with a completely different graffiti mural. So I'm glad we took these pictures when we did! RIP Cosmic Green Heads, you will live on forever in my heart.  

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