Monday, 26 June 2017

Ten Years

*All the pictures in this post were taken by the amazing Liz from With Wonder And Whimsy!*

Ten years ago this June, Victor and I said our wedding vows in front of our friends and family in the historical open-air museum called Gamle Bergen. People had flown in from as far as, well let me see... Australia, Canada, Germany, Austria, London and Denmark... One dude even flew in from Oslo! And as all Norwegians know, people from Oslo like to say that going to Bergen is like going abroad ("It's nice to get out of Norway for a while!") so I appreciated the sacrifice. 

The wedding photographer took a picture of us sitting on that bench up above, me with my bare feet resting in Victor's lap because husband = warm human furniture, and my massive block heels were just killing me at that point. When we returned there with Liz and her husband Kyle this May, we wound up reenacting that photo. And I kind of love it!

We also found an adult-sized swing and proceeded to have stupid amounts of fun. 

Some of the screams were fun screams, and some were genuine screams. 

That little yellow cabin in the background, by the way? That was Edvard Grieg's composer hut. If you peep through the windows, you can see a piano and a desk in there. This isn't its original location - the whole thing was moved to Gamle Bergen, though I can't quite remember from where. Trollhaugen, possibly, which was where he lived, and where you can still go see his house.  

There were lots of period children's games you could try your hand at - including stilts. Victor was not amazing at stiltwalking, though it did give us a picture where he looks taller than me, so there is that! Of course, I can also do my "I'm-a-shrinking-violet, honest" pose, like in the picture down below:

It's been ten years, and I still sometimes feel like an amazon next to my dainty little husband (oh, he'd kill me for writing that if he actually read my blog)! This is solved by leaning in at a 45 degree angle, thereby negating the two-inch height difference! ...or not. I mean, who am I kidding? Who am I even trying to kid? But hey. It's been ten awesome years. 


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! These photos are amazing. You both look so happyyyyyy... xoxo

    1. Thank youuu! That is all thanks to Liz and Kyle, they are amazing photographers! And seriously, every day I have with this man just makes me happy, hehe...