Monday, 31 July 2017


Dress: Madewell, Tee: Muji, Cap: Topshop, Shoes: Birkenstock, Bandana: Vintage

Hello there! Seems I went on an unintentional blog break. I wasn't actually wallowing in depression about being friend-dumped, I was doing an instagram challenge. The 10x10 - ten items, ten days, ten outfits. And weirdly enough, that just killed every desire I had to blog stone dead. It made me kind of annoyed with myself, that in this short window of time that the UK summer lasts, I was focusing this much on just a few pieces, instead of just wearing summer dresses and frolicking around in them while I had the chance! 

Anyway, out of my 10x10 outfits, this was one of my favourites - I just love wearing this dress with a T-shirt tucked inside it, '90s style, but normally I'd use my brown tee. This grey one that I'd bought just days before the challenge turned out to be a pretty good buy. It literally goes with everything, is super soft, and doesn't absorb sweat. Read that last bit back and see if you can actually believe it. I barely can, and I'm the one wearing it!

Anyways, this street art I spotted reminded me so much of the character Ragamuffin from Lenore. He's a deadly vampire who's been turned into a plush toy. And still tries to bite people. It's pretty damn adorable, and Victor loves this character so much that for a while he actually tried to make that my pet name. LIKE CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I steadfastly refused to answer to Ragamuffin, and just to make things clear, this was in our early days of cohabitation, while we were still testing out various pet names. Those are like paint swatches, you gotta find the right one. And Ragamuffin wasn't it. But anyway, I couldn't not copy his pose here, could I?


  1. Oh gosh - I would resist Ragamuffin too! Yikes! He does sound adorable though. So exactly what is the purpose of a 10 x 10 challenge? For some reason it stresses me out. Is it really fun? Inquiring minds would like to know! :)

    1. You know, I've done it twice now, and both times it was more stressful than fun. Basically it's an instagram challenge to try out minimalism, by this blogger Caroline who runs the blog Unfancy. She lives in Texas, where the weather is usually warm - here in the UK, it's like four seasons in the one day sometimes! The challenge just isn't practical for me. I guess I started doing it because I miss the 30 for 30 that Kendi Everyday used to do - you can do more with 30 items than 10, even if it is for a whole month, so that just felt a lot freer.