Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Summer Rain

Trench & pants: Banana Republic, Tee & backpack: Madewell, Shoes: Superga. Bandana: Vintage

Somehow this outfit, with its striped pants and trench coat, felt very French to me. But then, any outfit that features Old Baguetteface (yes, I named my T-shirt) feels a little bit French. Mais Non? 

These photos were taken during a bout of mild summer rain back in June, before all the flowers started to fry to death... 

Coincidentally, it rained today and I wore these trousers today. I'm starting to feel like maybe I need to hem them down, or whatever it is you do when you lengthen trousers. It feels like they're just a tad... short on me.  #amazonproblems, right?


  1. I now need a beige trench.

    1. Aw thanks! But hey, you totes do! Wardrobe staple and all that. I get so much use out of this thing!