Friday, 11 August 2017

Accidental Wes Anderson

Dress: Anthro, Cardigan: J.Crew, Jacket, shoes & bandana: Madewell

I didn't realise it before I saw these photos, but there I was, walking around in an unintentional Wes Anderson cosplay. Thinking about it, this outfit reminds me of the Author from Grand Hotel Budapest - I think it's partly the colour scheme, and partly the neckerchief!

So there is this whole trend going on with gender-swap cosplay that I only recently discovered. I think it's pretty cool, you know? And so I was trying to convince Victor to do a gender-swap cosplay with me as Jubilee and Chamber, from my favourite super-hero comic Generation X. I mean, I'm tall and have brown hair. I can loom and mope, and I look pretty good in black. And Victor would rock a yellow raincoat! But he flat-out refused, saying that if he dressed as Jubilee, people would just think he was cosplaying Tony Chu instead! 

Now, Tony Chu is the main character from this comic, Chew, that is one of the most gloriously insane things I've ever read. The main character gets "impressions" from whatever he eats - if it's food, he knows what pesticides were used on it, etc. And, since he's a cop, if he bites a murder victim he might find out who the killer is... So basically, it's a comic about cannibalism with a bird-flu conspiracy thrown in, starring an Asian-American character who mainly subsists on beets - they're the only thing he can't get a reading from. 

I apologise for the nerdiness of this post. But when you start with Wes Anderson... well, what do you expect, I guess?

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