Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Accordion Dwarf

Jacket: Warehouse, T-shirt: Muji, Skirt: Anthro, Bag, shoes + shades: Madewell

I've had this skirt for ages. I bought it while doing a really dreadful temp job signing people up for courses at a community college. You had hundreds of people showing up maybe 20 minutes before their first class was due to start, and we were two temps sitting at a desk with a computer each, frantically going through them all. If people weren't in too much of a rush, I'd use the mouse left-handed because doing this for a solid seven hours was giving me shooting wrist-paints. And whenever I got someone who was really angry because their class had started five minutes ago, I'd swap the mouse over to my right hand. Under those circumstances, you deserve to blow your wages on a bright-red see-through skirt at Anthropologie, am I right?!

The rudest customer I ever had to deal with, and I swear I am not making this up, was a dwarf who took accordion lessons. I worked there two terms, and he showed up both times, carrying his accordion like a backpack because it was damn near bigger than him. And he would always show up five minutes before his lesson was due to start, expecting me to magically sign him up using only my the power of my brain, because obviously I typed too slowly (he was a right-handed mouse kind of customer). The first time this happened, he was so rude to me that on my break, I stormed into the staff room yelling, "ARGH!! THAT DAMN ACCORDION DWARF!!" And this woman who worked there burst out laughing. "The accordion dwarf! Oh God, I had him last time! He's awful, isn't he?" 

This was supposed to be a post about how I liked making the red of my skirt pop against all that brown and grey. And it turned into a post about the accordion dwarf. Oh well. Wherever he is, I hope he's learned that a little niceness goes a long way. ;) 


  1. I think everyone should work in customer service for at least two years of their life. It should be required. I waitressed for 13 years and sometimes I think I should write a book about all the horrible rude people out there. If I could find a way to make it funny I would.
    Love the skirt!

    1. Thanks hon! And I agree, it should be like military service or something, right? Maybe some of your stories could make good blog fodder someday?