Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Colour Thief

Jacket: Warehouse, Top: Muji, Skirt & shoes: Anthro,
Backpack: Madewell Necklace: Thrifted

I look at these pictures, and all I can see is how I've tastefully hooked my necklace around my own boob. Oh well, when the Long Suffering Husband actually agrees to take your outfit pictures, you pose away in a hurry, never mind where your boobs might take you! In all seriousness, this may be my new favourite photo wall though, it's sort of behind our local cinema and aside from delivery drivers, there usually aren't that many people who might see you and wonder what you're doing. It's funny how embarrassing I still find this whole posing in the wild thing!

So anyway, this outfit right here seems like the most "new style" outfit I've put up here. For one thing, I'm wearing a lot of purple, which is a colour I used to feel very iffy about wearing! But all of a sudden, I can't get enough of it - especially not when I pair it with something brown, like this vegan suede jacket. As part of my whole mental restructuring of my closet (actual restructuring isn't quite complete yet, it's right up there with all the theoretical cake baking that I do), I started narrowing down the shades of colours that I want to wear. So with purple, I narrowed it down to lilac and reddish plum. I already had a few pieces in those colours, and all of a sudden I am back in love with them. (Well, I say that but I am also back in love with my purple floral jeans that I got years ago.)

Anyway, I think this might just be the blog debut of this skirt, which I sale-stalked at Anthro for months. Before I managed to buy the last one in my size on my phone, on Christmas Eve, while we were in Budapest. I can't decide if it looks more Chinese or Japanese - I mean, the cranes make me think China, but the pattern mash-up makes me think Japan... 

On a side note, one of my friends called me a colour thief when she saw this outfit on Instagram! That made me laugh. Not only does she pretty much wear all purple everything, she even has a purple suitcase - now that's colour dedication!  


  1. Oh I love the boob adornment! Question: is the other one jealous?
    Isn't it interesting how our style changes and color taste changes too? I've been changing it up too recently. I'm not as into the twee look as I used to be - not liking ruffles and bows and such. You look fab in purple!!

    1. Nah, my boobs have made their peace with one another! ;)
      I know what you mean, style is changing all around us too, and we can't help but be affected by it, can we? I mean, all that minimalism and stuff. ;) I'm actually considering taking a full-time break from my beloved polkadots, even! (Le shock!)