Friday, 1 December 2017

Vintage + Yeti

Jacket: Monki, Tee + bandana: Vintage, Jeans: Madewell, Shoes: Ecco, Groceries: See Woo

So this summer while my mum was visiting, we happened to be walking past the local thrift/vintage store on the way to the Tube, when I spotted this T-shirt. It was on a rack outside the store, reduced to £2, and I fell instantly, inexplicably in love. According to the label, this T-shirt is from 1993. It frightens me a little bit that 1993 is now considered vintage, but it is what it is! I washed it and wore it with these same jeans the very next day when we went out for Chinese food with my friends. So I recycled the outfit a few weeks ago...  

.... only this time, with my Yeti jacket that I had just bought. This thing is warm, and soft. People like to hug me while I'm wearing it, because apparently it feels like hugging a Gwen-sized teddy bear. Also note that I am accessorizing with a stylish plastic bag from our Chinese supermarket of choice, See Woo. Here, have a side shot to give you some idea of just how big this jacket is:

And would  you believe I am wearing a small here? This thing runs oversized, all right! When I sit next to someone on the bus, I have to take the jacket off first! THAT'S how big it is!! 

PS: There is a pop star shooting a music video on our estate this weekend, so apparently I knew what I was doing when I picked this as the backdrop for my photos! (No, I have no idea which pop star. But the letter we all got warning us about it assured us that they are very famous.) 


  1. LOVE this outfit! So sporty and adorable and "on trend"! I am also cracking up because I did a post a couple weeks ago myself about Yeti coats. However, I called them Cookie Monster Coats. I have not got one yet and am still on the fence since I can only wear it for a couple of months out here in Los Angeles. I love the white ones like yours and that's the color I'll get if I do decide on it. Sigh... coats last years around here and since mine are only 3 years old I can't justify it yet. We'll see!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, hon! I am rubbish at replying, but thank you! I so get what you mean about being able to justify a purchase or not. Now I'm curious all over again, if you decided to join me in Yeti-land!