Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Brocade Pants Strike Again

Blazer: UniQlo, Blouse + pants: Anthro, Boots + bag: Madewell, Necklace: from Norway

Happy New Year! Well, we're like ten days into 2018 now, but my jetlag seems to finally have worn off, and it feels like a fresh start. These photos are weeks old now, from a town hall that had been painted candyfloss pink on the inside, where one of Victor's friends got married on a freezing Saturday morning. Anyway, this staircase wasn't pink, so it made a good backdrop for my outfit - because what do you wear to a wedding when there is a very real danger of freezing to death? Brocade pants, that's what - at least in my world, it is!

I apologize for my face. 

 So it strikes me that all the things I'm wearing in these photos are old - but that this is a totally good thing, because they're also all things that I really love. As I start the new year, I'm trying to be intentional with my style, with what I buy - and weirdly, or perhaps not so weirdly, that involves editing a whole bunch of stuff from my closet. (And storing it all at my mother's house, in case I have regrets. Ha.) Removing not just colours, but patterns, too. I have literally put myself on a polka dot diet, and I may also go buffalo-plaid free for 2018. It's like the Whole 30 except I can still have carbs and sugar, so win-win. But yeah, this entire outfit stays - my closet will always have space for brocade pants. 

So tell me - anybody else have style resolutions for the new year?