Wednesday, 25 July 2018


Dress & sunglasses: Madewell, Bag: Ellen & James, Shoes: Birkenstock, all old

So it appears that I have one dress that Victor doesn't hate, and this, my friends, is that dress. Now, you may wonder, which criteria does this dress meet, to warrant such praise? I sure wondered, so I asked him. "Well, it looks normal, doesn't it," was the replay I got. "Not so colourful." He said that last bit as though "colourful" was another word for "fart". Victor, you see, dresses in sensible, blokey colours. Even patterns like stripes can be too girly for him - stripes! And I wear a lot of stripes, and a lot of coulour. But, this dress soothes his tortured eyeballs.  

Sadly for Victor, I don't know how long this dress is going to live - it's made from some unholy polyester/viscose mix and it's already changed shape a little after hand-washing it once. Just a little, but still. Yup, these pictures were taken on its maiden voyage. It's a sale purchase from this past winter, so technically it's new-to-me, I guess - though I don't think Madewell carries this style of dress anymore. I'm sad I didn't get a proper picture of the sleeves, they're really cute and fluttery. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get a few more wears and photos of it before this dress disintegrates! 

Anyway - is this the cuddliest street art you've ever seen or what? It's just round the corner from where we live, so we walk past it all the time. It's funny how this dress has just a few flowers on it that match the yellow ball of yarn. Makes it looked like I planned the whole thing - I didn't. This wall used to get new graffitti all the time, but the cat's been there for months now. I'm hoping everyone in the local street art scene comes to a gentlemens' agreement that it's too cute to paint over, because we can't be the only ones who've grown fond of this thing!  

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Swish, Swish!

Dress: Anthropologie, Cardigan: Old Navy, Bag: Madewell, Shoes: Birkenstock, all old. 

I'm baaaack! Whew, holy GRANOLA bar, it's been over six months since I logged into this blog! To be honest, I actually thought my blog had been deleted due to inactivity because I could not find it! Yup, that's right, could not find own blog. Absolute failure as human being with a brain. In the end, I had to resort to finding it through the blogroll of a friend's now defunct blog and then trying various email accounts to log into google until one of them finally hit gold. Seriously, where did I hide my brain?!   

Anyway, let's talk accessories, since I've got three of them here! Numero uno, delicious matcha frappe from Starbucks. We are living in the future, where London is slowly turning into Hong Kong and I can buy my favourite matcha drinks at everyone's favourite coffee chain. LIFE IS GOOD. Numero deux, my pink aviator sunglasses, bought from Madewell to replace my original aviators, because god knows where they ran off to. And numero san (see what I did there, counting in Japanese), is a scarf I bought in Kyoto, in the gift shop of the Nishi Hoganji temple - which was once the headquarters of the Shinsengumi. I bought it because I was cold, because the colour happened to match the cardigan I was wearing, and also because it has bunnies on it. BUNNIES. 

Anyway, coral red (or should I say Routemaster Red, since I match all the London busses when I wear this dress) and lilac has been a favourite combination of mine for a while! Last time I remember wearing the combo was this winter, with a fluffy lilac mohair sweater I picked up in Tokyo over Christmas (she says, with a casual toss of her hair) and my red jeans that I bought in San Francisco (she says, giving herself mild concussion from all this hair tossing). So there's a combo that works for hot and cold weather, that combines my love of colours with this new style I've been developing, the way other people develop silly walks - only nobody's giving me a grant to do it, obviously. 

Also, let it be known that the only reason Victor agreed to take photos of me here, was so he could make it look like I'm wearing the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral as a hat. That's got to be like, GRADE A ADULTING right there.