Sunday, 5 August 2018

Walking through Soho

Jacket + skirt: Anthro, old, Tee: Lindex, old, Bag via Etsy

We snapped these pictures while walking through Soho on our way somewhere. Possibly to have Japanese food at a Chinese-run restaurant called Dozo - Chinatown and Soho are right next to each other, and sort of overlap a little. Or maybe we'd already eaten, and were on our way to buy comics - that is, on our way to the comic store, where I would run downstairs and ask about my subscriptions, while Victor waited outside to avoid the "smelly man stink". Seriously, we're like, a totally genderswapped couple...

There was no particular reason to snap outfit photos - I just happened to like what I was wearing, and Victor didn't mind too much. This is the colour scheme I've been talking about - the blues, reds and pinks all together. My new favourite combo. And also my favourite Matsu-bag that I got on Etsy - it's just a shame I angled it to the side, or you'd see all the sextuplet heads with their different expressions. I don't care if people think it looks super nerdy, I just love this bag that I snagged for £16!